Kills fleas on dogs and puppies and helps to maintain a glossy, healthy coat. For use on dogs and puppies from 12 weeks of age. Not suitable for use on nursing bitches. Remove fleas from young puppies and nursing bitches with careful use of a flea comb.

Signs to look for if you think your pet has fleas:

  • Pet Scratching or biting constantly.
  • Black/brown granules (flea droppings) in the fur, main areas to look are the base of the tail and the tail itself, around the neck, behind the ears and under the armpits.
  • Try vigorously brushing the coat with your pet standing on a dampened white sheet or paper. If your pet has fleas the black/brown granules will drop from the coat onto the white surface.

If your pet has fleas, you will generally see them hopping/crawling around. They will either be on the animals skin or in the home.