The emergency contraceptive pill (often called the “morning after pill“) is a pill that you take after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. It is now available without prescription in Ireland and is a single tablet called Norlevo 1.5mg.

What is involved – How do I get the “Morning After Pill”?

Ask to speak to our pharmacist in our private consultation room. Our trained pharmacist will then take you through a few simple questions to ascertain if the morning after pill is suitable for you. If it is deemed to be appropriate you will be given it along with a booklet on Norlevo (The Morning After Pill) and contraception advice. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes and doesn’t require an appointment.


How soon after having sex should I get the morning after pill?

You have 72 hrs after having sex to get  Norlevo. However don’t delay as its effectiveness decreases with time.

Up to 95 % effective if taken within 24 hrs
Up to 85% effective between 24 to 48 hrs
Up to 58% effective between 48 to 72 hrs.

Outside these hours you would need to see your G.P. for an alternative.

What will it cost me?

Currently our charge for the morning after pill is €25 . If you hold a medical card you will be able to get a prescription for it from your G.P. and get if for €2.50.

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